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Dear Friends

I’m sorry to have to let you know that, in accordance with recent government requirements, we have now been informed by the Archbishops that all church buildings must now close, not only for public worship, but for private prayer as well. This means that clergy will not be able to offer prayers for the community on their own in church as we had started doing, but I will of course be praying from home!

Although St Mary’s the building is closed, I know that St Mary’s the church family is still very much alive and active and it is very encouraging to see how the church and wider community are engaged in caring for others. 

Until we are in a position to open the church doors again, here are a few ways in which we can stay connected:

  • “virtual church” online resources which I will circulate each week for worship at home.
  • The church website www.parishchurch.co.uk
  • Church emails, like this one
  • Messy Church Facebook page
  • Written materials for prayer/worship at home which I will circulate soon

There are also a number of national online resources available from the Church of England (https://www.churchofengland.org/more/media-centre/church-online) including streamed services and daily audio.

I hope you are all coping reasonably well with the new circumstances in which we find ourselves. We are planning to set up a ‘telephone tree’ soon, so that everyone can feel a sense of connection.

With blessings and best wishes


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