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Dear Everyone

Just a little note to remind us all to exercise care in the information we post on Facebook and other Social Media which might be spotted and misused by the unscrupulous.   So if you need assistance in these unusual times, be careful not to share personal information online.  In particular we should avoid giving information about home addresses, email addresses, telephone numbers, prescription information or bank details.

If you wish to accept one of the many generous offers of help made on Social Media always Private Message the person making the offer and only do so if you know and trust them.  Never respond with personal details in a public forum.   If in doubt, the good old telephone is usually best!

If you need help, or know of someone who would value some assistance (even if it’s just a few tips on navigating these online resources), please do not hesitate to contact me or any member of the Ministry Team.  Full contact details are on the St Mary’s website and in the Church Magazine.

Finally, if you are on Facebook etc. be kind, don’t overshare information about yourself or others and be safe.

With very best wishes


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