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Its On – Despite the Odds! Suffolk Churches Historic Trust 2020 Sponsored Bike Ride

“Ride and Stride” Saturday September 12th

Get your tyres checked and your wheels and pedals oiled ready for the Suffolk Historic Churches Trust cycle ride on Saturday 12 September.

It is great fun and exercise, and you can plan your own route from church to church, visiting as many or few as you wish. Get sponsorship per church or for a set amount and help raise funds for some of Suffolk’s most wonderful buildings.

Any church in Suffolk can apply for support, 50% of proceeds goes to participant’s nominated church and the balance goes to a central fund to which all Suffolk churches can apply. Some Churches of all denominations will be open on the day (but not St Mary’s) from 9.00am to 5.00pm, with refreshments provided where possible. Some venues will involve self- certification, and Government Covid19 advice will apply.

Sponsor forms and lists of open venues are available in St Mary’s porch or from myself. If you are ambitious, churches in Essex and Norfolk are also participating. Sign up on the board in St Mary’s to get more sponsors.

Please let me know if you are taking part and I can advise of suitable routes and co-ordinate the paying in of any money raised. If you cannot take part, please sponsor us! Bures has raised some of the largest amounts. In recent years the Trust has supported many Suffolk churches, and in 2019/20 up to 100 churches received help in setting up alarm systems.

Thanks in anticipation.

Ken Jackson 227860


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