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Palm Sunday, Baptism of Aurora,      Luke 19: 28ff  

We’re going on a journey!

 I’ve vague memories of a song that started with those words. It included walking through long grass, swish, swish, swish, swamps, slurp, slurp , slurp and creeping  quietly so that we didn’t  disturb any bears ssh! ssh! ssh! 

Today we are thinking of a different kind of journey, a very special journey, in fact more than one special journey.  Jesus on his way to Jerusalem at the end of his time on earth and  is being baptized at the beginning of her journey through life.

We’re going on a journey  ……. but we’re not all getting into a very smart limousine, sit  back, fasten seat belts as away we go.

It’s a donkey that is brought for Jesus to ride on and the donkey rather sets the pattern for the rest of us. 

Jesus had spent 3 years alongside the people in towns and villages of Galilee and beyond and he remained alongside them in his final journey. No grand horse-led parade, no trumpets of a royal procession or victory parade, Jesus journeyed humbly on a donkey on his way to complete his mission. He was going to Jerusalem because he knew the time had come for his crucifixion when he would die as a sacrifice for the people. That wasn’t the end of the journey, later he would rise and ascend to God the Father in triumph. That was his mission, redeeming the people from their sins so that we could all be at one in the Kingdom of God.

Aurora is at the very beginning of her journey. Heather and Charlie have brought her here today for baptism in order that she will begin and then, we pray, continue her journey through life with God and for God. How fitting it is to be in this their village church community not some grand but impersonal place. Thank you Charlie and Heather for taking this step, a joyful one and yet with the humility of trusting in God our Father for Aurora’s future. And by sharing it with us here in this morning’s service you are inviting us to walk with you as you ask God’s spirit and blessing on your lovely daughter.

I’m reminded of the passage we have just heard. 

Jesus was sitting on a donkey, very low key, no pomp and ceremony.   But the people didn’t fail to realise he was very different from the pompous Romans who paraded on horses. 

 Blessed is the King who comes in the name of the Lord  they sang. Words from one of their well known psalms.

The pomp and extravagant display can distract from the reality, in the case Romans it was all about their aggressive power over the people.

For Jesus it was very different. He wanted the truth to be known. He had come not to be heralded as a super hero or feared as an oppressive ruler. He came alongside the people in order for them to know him and his father’s love for them….. A love that wanted them to have a new life free of fear and oppression. He so wanted everyone to know this, he wept over Jerusalem as he got nearer because so many couldn’t or wouldn’t see it.

We are familiar with the Christmas song ’little donkey, little donkey with your precious load’ That is about Mary, fully pregnant with Jesus. Now the donkey has its precious load in Jesus himself. It’s a very humble way to travel, maybe not the most comfortable but just right for the occasion.

We can, with Aurora and her family, follow Jesus’s lead and travel on our journey through life humbly trusting in the love and gentle power of God the Almighty. We might have to go through very long difficult grass, or sticky swamps or go carefully in difficult situations but our journey’s purpose and destination is life in all its fullness with God. 

We have just been singing  the earth belongs to God, the world, its wealth and all its people.  Who is the King, this King of glory, what is the power by which he reigns? 

Jesus’s journey was taking him to Jerusalem in order to submit to the crucifixion that paid the price for the sins of all us humans. His final destination was the throne of God’s Kingdom 

The answers to those questions are – 

Christ is the King, his cross his glory, and by the power of love he reigns 

If we keep faith with Jesus our Lord and King, journeying humbly in trust and obedience, we will all meet again at journey’s end.    AMEN


1 This earth belongs to God, 

the world, its wealth, and all its people; 

he formed the waters wide 

and fashioned every sea and shore. 

Who may go up the hill of the Lord 

and stand in the place of holiness? 

Only the one whose heart is pure, 

whose hands and lips are clean. 

2 Lift high your heads, you gates; 

rise up, you everlasting doors, 

as here now the King of glory 

enters into full command. 

Who is the King, this King of glory, 

where is the throne he comes to claim? 

Christ is the King, the Lord of glory, 

fresh from his victory. 

3 Lift high your heads, you gates, 

and fling wide open the ancient doors, 

for here comes the King of glory 

taking universal power. 

Who is the King, this King of glory, 

what is the power by which he reigns? 

Christ is the King, his cross his glory, 

and by love he rules 

4 All glory be to God 

the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; 

from ages past it was, is now, 

and evermore shall

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