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Dear Friends

As we are about to embark on Holy Week, I thought I would just send you a little note outlining what we are planning for the coming days.

Plans for the week…

Later today I will be sending out some on-line worship resources for use tomorrow, Palm Sunday. Then these are the plans for the rest of the week:

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, Mary (Monday and Wednesday) and Simon (Tuesday) will be posting some reflections for us to share.

On Thursday, there will be a ‘virtual’ Maundy Thursday service for which I will be leading communion (details to follow!)

On Good Friday, in place of Messy Easter and the usual All-Age worship, Tricia will be preparing a simple individual craft activity – these will be available to be collected from the porch at St Mary’s, but please be careful to observe the usual social-distancing rules! Again, further details will follow. Tricia will also be posting some engaging worship materials.

We are also hoping to provide some contemplative material for you to use on Good Friday. Peter Duffus is kindly working on this for us.

And then on Easter morning, there will be some written material prepared by Tricia for you to use if you wish to rise early in celebration and maybe rush out into your garden to offer your praise to God. In addition I will be sending out some Easter worship resources which will include a form of “on-line” communion for Easter Day.

But sadly…

For those of you in Bures, one aspect of our usual Easter traditions will not be possible this year. I’m afraid that in view of the advice received from the government and from the Archbishops, we cannot hold the usual Good Friday walk of witness this year, nor can we hold our usual short services around the cross on the hill on Good Friday and at dawn on Easter Day. After a lot of long hard thought, it has been impossible, I’m afraid, to devise a way of carrying the big cross to the top of the hill and to set it up without breaching the rules on social distancing. So instead, I am planning to set up the smaller cross somewhere prominent in the churchyard at St Mary’s so that we can proclaim the visual message of Easter in some alternative way.

Other Easter Day traditions that will will miss this year are of course the early morning cooked breakfast at Little Cornard and the hot cross buns at Bures and the wonderful Easter Egg Hunt at Assington, but just think – they will taste even better next year!

The really Good News…

Which seems like a good way into a little reflection to sign off with….We are about to start the week which reminds us that suffering leads to wholeness, that darkness leads to light, that death leads to light. We know how the story of Easter ends in triumph and a new beginning…and we know that our present strange and unsettling circumstances will not last for ever. We are people of hope, who know that the story ends in resurrection.

Do keep an eye out for further church emails in the coming days. In the meantime, may God keep you and yours heathy and safe.

With blessings and very best wishes


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