Pastoral Care at St Mary’s

Many of us need a bit of extra help or prayer from time to time, or know of someone who does.  If you’re new to St Mary’s or don’t have regular contact with the church, we would still love to help if we can. Below are some examples of the kinds of help that we offer. Our pastoral team will do all they can to help you with the support you need.  Contact us here.


Our range of groups are central to the pastoral care within the church.  If you would like to find out more about our groups, including how to join one, please see our groups page.


Our clergy team and Lay Elders support people with short or longer-term needs. We are happy to arrange for a person to receive regular visits from one of our team. If you or one of your neighbours require this kind of support, please contact us and we will arrange a visit and discuss possible ways in which we can help.

Hospital Visits

If you, or a friend has to go into hospital or a hospice for a period of time and would like a visitor from the church or the Hospital Chaplain do let us know.

Children & Families

Our clergy and Elders team understand that families experience difficulties from time to time and often value the opportunity to talk to someone. If you, or a friend would value a conversation or a visit please let us know.

Home Communions

When ill or elderly members of the community are not able to get to church, many appreciate the opportunity to take communion at home. If you would like communion or have neighbours who are not able to attend church, we would be very happy to take communion to them.

New to the Village

We try to ensure that everyone who moves into Bures receives a warm welcome. A welcome pack is delivered, containing information about the many groups offered by the church and community. Please let us know if you are aware of anyone who has recently moved into the village.

Working in Partnership with others

As well as providing practical and spiritual help, we recognise that on occasions people need assistance from other caring organisations and professionals. We have good contact with a number of local agencies.