St Mary’s Church relies on a wonderful team of committed volunteers. We are enormously grateful for all that our members contribute to the life of our church. We invite everyone at St Mary’s prayerfully to consider giving to God’s work in terms of their talents, time and money.


Part of the diversity of God’s creation is the unique way in which we have each been created and equipped with talents, aptitudes, gifts and skills. These are generous gifts from a generous God. If you have a particular talent to share, whether it’s an ability to care and comfort those in need, skills as a reader, musician, actor, sound technician, teacher, gifts of hospitality – whatever – we would love to hear from you!


We may have different amounts of money or different abilities and talents, but we each have the same amount of hours in a week. No matter what we do, we cannot create more time, or experience less of it. We do, however, have different options available to us, and make different choices as to what we do with our time. If you would like to get involved in helping with one of the many groups or ministry teams please click here or see our Groups page.


Our church has an annual budget of around £100,000. This covers the expenses of staff, the ministry of the church, the upkeep of our building and charitable giving both in this country and abroad.  We also make a substantial contribution into the Diocesan ‘pot’ to help support the wider mission and ministry of the church. Nearly all of this is funded by the generosity of the people who come to our services.

There are no hard and fast rules on exactly how much God asks us to give but we believe the New Testament gives us some helpful principles:

  • Freewill: One church in Macedonia ‘pleaded’ for the chance to give and so we encourage a spiritual desire to give, rather telling people how much to give.
  • Planned: Paul instructed the Corinthians to set an amount aside at beginning of each week. We ask people prayerfully to consider what they might give on a regular basis.
  • Sacrificial: God lovingly gave his Son for us and he invites us to respond to his love by giving of ourselves and our resources.
  • Generous: Paul tells the church in Corinth to ‘sow generously’, trusting in his provision. God encourages us sometimes to step out in faith.

If you would like to contribute regularly to St Mary’s finances, then please fill out a Gift Aid Form.

All of our giving is confidential. For more details on how to give, please contact us.