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To the congregation & visitors


Many of the COVID -19 restrictions have been lifted but we all still need to act cautiously to stop the spread of virus. The Omicron variant is much more transmissible and people visiting the church may be contagious without knowing it.

Many people are still not fully vaccinated and indeed even if they are can still catch and pass on the virus to others who may be more vulnerable, so cutting the chance of virus transmission is still very important. 

Churches remain a potentially a high-risk environment, so we need to keep some control measures in place to keep everyone safe. 

  • If possible, please let the church office know if you are attending a service, this helps us speed up allowing people in and with the track and trace requirement if someone tests positive. 
  • If possible, take a lateral flow test before attending any service.
  • Please wear a mask unless you have a lawful exemption.
  • Maintain social distancing where possible.
  • Please use hand sanitiser when entering the church or touching multiple surfaces.
  • Having attended if you do test positive from COVID-19 please let the Church Office know as soon as possible. 

Thank you helping us to keep you and everyone safe.

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